Let's Get Dirty!

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LGD will be at the Chester County Library and District Center in Exton, PA on Earth Day!

April 22nd - 1:30 to 2:30

Looking for survival skills that last a lifetime and can be shared with colleagues, family and friends? Then this is the place! Gardening helps you ease your mind and find your space, so you can slow down to catch up with life. It's great for relieving stress, for outdoor exercise, and is a terrific and fun way to learn first-hand about good nutrition. By doing it organically, you save money, labor, and have nutritious, chemical-free food for you and your family. And in these times of food scares, people are increasingly interested in knowing where their food comes from. This is why, along with other groups and organizations, many businesses are now incorporating Let's Get Dirty! Learn To Love Organic Gardening into their wellness programs and other group presentations.

Join instructor Deborah Kates - certified Master Composter and organic 'Avant-gardener' for over 40 years - for sessions and workshops that are fun, engaging, and educational, but easy to understand! From starting seeds indoors, transplanting, and when to plant what, to raised beds, garden friends and enemies, container gardening for small spaces, and so much more - there's everything you need to dig on stress release, exercise, fresh taste, nutrition, feeding your soul, and improving mental well-being. It's always the right time to get dirty, polish that green thumb, and get growing! Don't have a green thumb? Let Deborah and LGD team member (and main "digger") Greg Layton help you find one. For session and fee information, see the Class Information page.

What to know more about what exactly Let's Get Dirty! is and how it can benefit you and your business? Check out the new promo video!

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  • Deborah Kates

  • 120 Reservoir Road
  • Coatesville, PA 19320
  • (610)-384-2535
  • debc3a@verizon.net

A basket of organic plenty from Deb's garden.
A basket of organic plenty from Deb's garden.

Participant Feedback

"Great class! A lifetime of knowledge over a short time period. The presenter is experienced from hands-on application and research and knows all the dirty truths about gardening! Well worth it!"
- Barbara St. Germaine, Chester County municipal employee

"Deborah's programs are always very popular with the public. They are entertaining as well as informative. She is knowledgeable and witty, and I'm not sure which people like best – the content or her personality. I think it's close!"
- Pam Marquette, Program Coordinator for the Chester County Library and District Center

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