Example Pre-Built Classes

Grow Local, Eat Fresh! - New food movements; what "organic" means to you, the grower and consumer; gardening in any size space; all about seeds; planting schedules

It's Showtime! - Starting seeds under lights for a jump on the season; transplanting outdoors

Spring Into Summer and Make Your Bed! – Creating efficient, productive planting plans for natural organic growth; pest protection; good maintenance habits; warm weather veggie tips

Mulch Baby, Mulch! - Mulching; watering; composting to create sumptuous soil forever

There's Black Gold in Them Thar Leaves - Grass clipping and kitchen garbage; making and keeping your soil fabulous; getting started with compost

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Outta Here! - Organic fertilizers; attracting bug and bird allies; organic-based pest and disease solutions (including home-made)

Seed Saving - It's fun, cheap and easy (and lasts longer than a night on the town); plus harvest and freezing tips and recipes to help savor your bounty all year long

Winter's Coming - Preparing for fall and winter growing; when and what to plant for fall and winter; extending the season with crop protection tops; over-wintering

A basket of organic plenty from Deb's garden.
A basket of organic plenty from Deb's garden.

Participant Feedback

"Great class! A lifetime of knowledge over a short time period. The presenter is experienced from hands-on application and research and knows all the dirty truths about gardening! Well worth it!"
- Barbara St. Germaine, Chester County municipal employee

"Deborah's programs are always very popular with the public. They are entertaining as well as informative. She is knowledgeable and witty, and I'm not sure which people like best – the content or her personality. I think it's close!"
- Pam Marquette, Program Coordinator for the Chester County Library and District Center

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