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What is eARTh? It is the headquarters of the grassroots nonprofit organization Coatesville Area Arts Alliance (C3A) in Wagontown, western Chester County, and the studio/home of C3A co-founders Greg Layton and Deborah Kates. Think of it as "(e)verybody's ART (h)ome" and "the country club for the rest of us." C3A showcases and promotes The Arts because Art Means Business and is a key to economic growth. What do we mean by "The Arts?" From painting, writing and dance to gardening, music and cooking, and so much more. There's always something germinating at eARTh so get grounded! Come explore by appointment or attend an event here.

News and Upcoming Events

The free Let's Get Dirty! Learn to Love Organic Gardening 2016 series is underway, every third Thursday from March to August, noon to 1PM, at the Chester County Hospital!
See the Let's Get Dirty! site for all the information.

Are you, your group, or business looking for a beautiful space for weddings, charity events, a mini-sabbatical, or retreat?
Consider landing at C3A's cultural center - eARTh.

Do you want to exlore C3A Happenings, browse event picture galleries, or if you were there...relive good memories? Go to the Past Events page.

Past Events

All About C3A

Do you want to understand the who, what and why of C3A, or trace the organization's history from conception to today? See All About C3A.
Do you want to follow the observations, stories, and musings on art, politics and the ordinary day-to-day from Kates and Layton, arts activists and co-founders of C3A? Read their Daily Local News Tumblr blog.

Tumblr Blog - Country Action

"More and more, American cities and neighborhoods with pressing social problems are turning to new sources of thought and
practice – artists. Currently going by the label social practice, this approach blurs the lines among traditional art forms,
political activism, community organizing, environmentalism, and community development. Progress – be it social, environmental,
or economic – is the goal for a social-practice artist and it is the process one develops that becomes the work of art.
Sometimes, this results in a traditionally conceived art object, sometimes not."

- Jane Golden, Executive Director of the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program

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